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Our tuition services are always personalised to the needs of each learner to ensure that you achieve your learning goals. Each learner is given control of their learning either in person or online. ContactTutors platform has been designed to ensure that skilled, knowledgeable and professional tutors present as much information about themselves as possible. This is to help you find, book and manage your lessons the way you and focus on your learning and achieve expected outcomes.


Our custom-made online learning is full of unique features to enable you to have access to a wide range of learning resources to provide you with memorable learning experience to succeed with you learning endevours. Below are the steps to find the right tutor to support you learning needs.


Our ONLINE SEARCH FEATURE will help you to find tutors of your choice. We ensure that there arenumerous suitable and qualified staff available within your locality You can use the online tutor search engine to find the most suitable tutor. You can do this by:

1.Entering your postcode in the search to identify all the suitable tutors close to you.

2.Filter by subject and availability and other requirements.

3.Visiting each tutor’s profile to find out more about their qualifications, experience.

4.Reading feedback and testimonials on tutors from past students.



After you have identified tutor(s) of your choice, you can contact them via free video call or by sending them a message through the website. It’s absolutely free to send messages or have a video call. You can contact as many tutors as you want and choose the tutor you are happy with. Through our messaging features we’re able to send you an email and text alert when you receive replies from any of the tutors that you contact. Alternatively, you can download the ContactTutors app to send and receive messages on the go.You can discuss the lesson arrangements, such as the times for tutoring and specific topics you want tuition support with. You can agree whether the lessons will be face-to-face or online. You may confirm whether you will visit the tutor or the tutor will visit you for the tutoring sessions if you choose the face-to-face option.Our website is private and secure and we ensure that your personal contact information will remain completely confidential.



To start your tuition as quickly as you have decided, book your lessons with the tutor of choice and preference and make payment for the lessons you have booked via our secure online payments system. As part of the initial discussions, please decide and agree with your preferred lesson time and locationThen your tutor will send you the times for each lesson so that you can book the lesson at the times agreed.Just click on the link send by your tutor and make payment by entering payments details. We charge no hidden fees and so you can have peace of mind knowing that the fees agreed with your tutors are final – that’s the rate sent by your tutor is the rate that you’ll pay. You can be rest assured that you are making a precious investment in your learning/educations. Many people – students and learners – have enjoyed and are still enjoying the online or face-to-face and one-to-one lessons with ContactTutors. We promise you’ll find the right tutor with the right skills, knowledge and experience. We offer a refund of the first hour of the your first lesson if you are not happy.



Startyour exclusive 1:1 lessons with one of our experienced tutors, enjoy learning experience and see real results. Our tutors will conduct an initial assessment of your learning needs and tailor every learning session to your learning needs. The tutor will prepare lessons that are personalised to your needs, to address fundamental gaps in your knowledge and understanding to help to reach your goals. The tutors adopt a range of teaching technique to make complex concepts easy to understand. To enable you to make faster progress, our tutors will draw on their excellent tuition skills and along with our state-of-the-art technology including the use of Interactive Whiteboard with screen-sharing facilities and document sharing features to enable you to engage and have excellent learning experiences.

What Happens If


does not go well?
Don’t worry if your session did not go well as expected. We’ll help you to identify a new tutor and you won’t have to pay for the first lessons.

The good news is spreading

Take a look at our recent reviews and press coverage

Portia A.
A’ Level Student, Kent

I am so grateful I choose contact tutors. The tutors are qualified teachers and they understand my needs. I had an initial assessment so they knew the areas for me to improve. I was predicted a C grade in English but achieved an A*. Fantastic!

Prosper Q.
A’ Level Student, East London

I felt uncomfortable initially about using the online tuition and actually, I felt like I had to quit the subject. However, it turned out to be the best option for tutoring for me. The tutor was outstanding at explaining the difficult concepts. I ended up getting an A grade

Mellissa A.
A’ Level Student, Buckinghamshire

I had a great difficulty at analysing sources and structuring my essays. The Contact Tutor was extremely knowledgeable. He taught me techniques which are still incredibly useful at Uni. I achieved an A*, my parents couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t either!

Shama B.
GCSE Student, Blackpool

I needed one-to-one sessions to help, enable me to get my head around many of the topics in Biology. The ContactTutor was immensely helpful. Using mind maps for each topic, she made the subject a lot easier to understand. I got a grade 8*. Thank you so much!

Anne H.
Parent, Essex

My son was having difficulties in making the necessary progress in Maths. I got in touch with Contact Tutors. The tutor taught my son for 12 weeks and helped him achieve a grade 8 at GCSEs despite being predicted a 4. The tutor was simply brilliant! Thank you.

Anne H.
Parent, Essex

My boy was lagging behind with his literacy and numeracy skills. The tutors from Contact Tutors knew what needed to be done, straight away. My boy is doing so well now and he is very happy with the progress he has made. Thank you for your support

Anne H.
Parent, Essex

The tutor from Contact Tutors was very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and highly experienced. With her help, I achieved an A* although I was predicted a D.

Jacqueline D.
2 Year Uni Students, Oxfordshire

I was advised by my friend to try out Contact Tutors. The tutor was simply brilliant. She ensured I understood the basics of genetics and built on it gradually. I achieved 96% in my Module test, thanks to you.

Dorah H.
Find Year Uni Student, Wales

Contact Tutors were very helpful. She taught me how to structure my dissertation the information needed to present the facts, referencing and how to put my argument across. I learned to analyse the data accurately. The tutor is a genius. I cannot thank you enough!


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